Valentines gift ideas for the Husband?

As I sit here thinking… overwhelmed with mom duties Valentines Day is creeping up. Although I am a huge believer on showing love on a daily, I only like making it special to remind my husband about the Valentines days in the past where it was just him and I. No children, no worries, no mortgage, just him and I. So, dating since 2007, married for almost 7years I want to know more about you moms out there? Any ideas? Suggestions? What do you like doing for your hubbies to make it that much more special?

Please comment, share? I am happy to read your thoughts. ♥️


So the new year came in kinda of laid back … then all of a sudden I was swamped! Today I am finally in and had a chance to come in here to write a little about mom life, work life and managing it! Not sure if I mentioned before but a few months ago my husband and I moved into a beautiful home. Although it was not our dream home when we initially bought it we have definitely worked on all sorts of remodels and changes.

These past few days I have been on shopping mode… shopping is actually a stress reliever to me believe it or not. Decor is not something I am really good at but Pinterest always inspires me to do better.

So back to being swamped, not only have I been super busy with my 2 littles but, it was recently my daughters 3rd birthday a few weeks ago which took quite some time of mine to organize. Yes, it was only our immediate family and took the precautions needed to be as safe as can be. I will add another blog with what we had for her birthday food, decor, cake and her excitement.

Lastly, I have survived work, caring for my children, dinner time, laundry time and anything you can name the past few weeks!

Stay tuned for new blogs coming soon!