This is me! Lets connect!

Loving life to the fullest since day 1….. well not that I could remember day one lol but ever since I was a little girl I remember always being a happy child. I would say now that I reflect on my years of a child/teenager and an early age adult to now, I can definatley describe myself as the happy, energetic, motivated and intellectual curious, Gemini that I am today. I am constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups. As a Gemini I feel that my personality can talk to just about anyone and about anything really. In 2018, I delivered my first born and was stoked to be a first time mom. I was so excited until I fell into postpartum depression. I felt lost and felt that I would never be the same person I once was, but later with time I realized that things would get better and that sooner than later I would master this “Mom Thing”. Well nope, not really; I am still and will never master this mom thing because no matter what “we” as moms do on a daily, we are constantly learning. We are not only learning how to be a better mom but how each of our children’s personalities and needs are and they are definatley different. Moving along… that year I decided to start a small business on a platform some of you may have already heard of or even purchased from, Poshmark! ( I decided to give Poshmark a try and let me tell you I loved it. Soon I will share some tips and tricks on how I earned over 3k in less than 2 years. This is a great side hustle if you mommas or anyone loves to spend extra money on “Shopping”. 2020 rolled around sooner than later and I delivered my second child who is now 9 months old. As a mom of 2 children under the age of 3 I continue to juggle around a full time job, 2 kids and house cleaning I manage to give myself time for what I want to do and love to do. Although this doesn’t always go as planned I try to continuously motivate myself somehow. With the love I have for coffee I will accomplish anything (kidding) no but really I do love coffee and everything is better done with a cup of coffee in hand, which reminds me I just bought myself an espresso machine from BREVILLE which I will share how much I will enjoy later. Wait did I mention how much I love coffee?? With this being said, I hope to connect with other mommas, posh sellers, coffee lovers and inspirational humans.

Stay tuned….

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